Summer Missionary Internship

What is a Summer Missionary Intern?

A Summer Missionary Intern is a mission-driven individual ready to perform at a spiritual leader level, who is passionate about what they do. A hard-working individual will lead a team and share experiences and Christian values to those less fortunate. This Missionary Intern will coordinate projects, activities and will be the liaison between the Organization and each team member. A Summer Missionary Intern will serve as a main contact for each one-week mission team and will be available and able to handle questions, concerns or needs of the team. A Missionary Intern will excel and always strive in leading and teaching other of God.

Each leading Intern will prepare and organize daily activities during travel time. They will facilitate projects, Bible studies and group functions and will fully participate in such adventures. Interns will work closely and mentor with their team during each short-term mission.

Summer Missionary Interns are Children’s Impact Network representatives and ambassadors working for Jesus Christ. Missionary Interns prepare, guide and help integrate teams and make sure everything is ready and prepared for those team members travelling to the mission fields. During this time one will laugh, pray, sing and make tons of new friends. There will be lots of hard work to do, toilets to clean and so much time for praise and worship. This leadership position will provide a life-changing experience where one can pursue excellence in everything they do.

Children’s Impact Network expects each Missionary Intern set a good example and share Christian values through the teaching of God. We know you love the Lord and your desire will be His Word.

Locations: Children’s Impact Network is currently looking for Summer Missionary Interns to lead our Bolivia Team and our Honduras Team.

When: Late May-Early August Travel Price: Pricing  $3,000 dollars per trip. Actual cost will be determined by the length and duration of travel.

Costs Include: International Airfare, All in-country expenses, and personal allowance.

How to Apply: Children’s Impact Network is currently accepting applications. Download and complete the application.

Once you have completed the application, please mail to the address provided in the application and email to notify you have sent the application.